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Testimonial for Tefillin Mehudarot

No Ordinary Experience

"Look, I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri, grandson of Hur, of the tribe of Judah

 I have filled him with the spirit of G-d, giving him great wisdom, intelligence, and skill in all kinds of crafts..."

Our youngest son was to become a bar mitzvah and we recalled the procedure: Grandma buys the tefillin and Abba (the father) teaches the son how to wear them.

When we got to Betzalel, we realized that this time it was not to be anything so ordinary.  There were several pairs of tefillin in different stages of  production on the table before us.  Betzalel patiently explored, together with our son, the mitzvah of tefillin in the Torah. 

   It was heartening to see our son, normally so shy, so animated and curious.  Together with him, we learned about the fascinating procedure of tefillin production, writing of the parshas (Torah portions) in a variety of versions.

The atmosphere of holiness enveloped us when Betzalel completed the process and inserted the parshas in the tefillin boxes and sewed them closed.

 "And you shall bind them as a sign upon your arm, and they shall be as totafot between your eyes."

A memorable experience!
The Solnik family, Avnei Eitan

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