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A Tefillin Testimonial

Shvat 5769

A Fascinating and Informative Evening

We were privileged to prepare for our son's bar mitzvah in a unique way.  Our initial impression of Betzalel was obtained from hearing the experiences of several people who had already purchase tefillin through him, but we had no idea of the magnitude of what lay ahead.
From the original phone call, Betzalel emphasized how important it was to him to learn the halachot (rules) of tefillin with the bar mitzvah.  We organized a group comprising family and friends in our house one motzaei shabbat (after the Sabbath). 

Betzalel arrived early to arrange everything in time for the presentation.  He challenged his listeners and encouraged participation and answered questions throughout the lecture.  We were all fascinated and surprised to learn how much we still didn't know about tefillin.
Betzalel concluded with the insertion of the parshiyot (portions) into the tefillin boxes.       
His faithfulness and devotion impressed us all.

I heartily recommend purchasing your tefillin through him and the educational benefit of his exceptional presentation.

Michael Lieberman
Mitzpe Netofa
04 678 5297

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