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Letter from Rav Eisenthal

Rav Aharon Eisenthal

Chispin Regional Center

Golan Heights


10 Elul 5765


To whom it may concern:


I would like to introduce you to Betzalel Ehrlich. He is a veteran resident of our settlement who practices the sacred professions of sofer (scribe) and proofreader of Torah scrolls and mezuzot. 


Betzalel has studied the halachic laws of writing at Mishmeret Stam, and also completed a course in the halachic laws of proofreading.  He is also a yerai Shamayin, a G-d fearing person.


This is his permanent employment and he is honest and inspired.

I know this through our steady contact; whenever a question arises, wherever there is even the remotest possibility of a problem, Betzalel consults with me. I can therefore attest, without reservation, that he is well qualified as a sofer and an inspector of Torah scrolls and mezuzot.


Best wishes for a good year

A. Eisenthal

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