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Tips on Tefillin Maintenance

Tips on Caring for Tefillin

As a general rule, keep tefillin away from water and direct sunlight.
Abrasions on the corners of the boxes nullifies their kashrut.

Hand Tefillin Box
It is permissible to cover them -“You shall bind them as a sign upon your hand.” Fasten a permanent cover over the box of the arm tefillin- leave it on always, especially when donning the tefillin and covering with your sleeve.
The ordinary cover has a “window” which allows direct contact between the knot of the “yud”, while covered with the protective covering as well.

Head Tefillin Box
One is not permitted to cover the head tefillin: “And all the world's nations will see that the name of God is upon you”
It is forbidden to position tefillin on wet hair.
If you placed your tefillin on wet or sweaty hair, wipe the bottom of the box before replacing in its case.
One who repeatedly puts tefillin on wet hair(,) (such as a soldier in the navy) should lightly coat the bottom of the box with olive oil or paraffin.

To prevent dropping the tefillin when removing them from their container, it is advisable to take them out (of their container) while grasping them upside down.

For nature hikes, use an insulated container to prevent damage from water, humidity or heat.
The head tefillin box that becomes somewhat swollen at the bottom(,) from constant contact with dampness requires checking and repairing.

Make sure to write your phone number in several places on the tefillin container or bag.

Do not leave the tefillin in a schul/ beit knesset (synagogue) that is not your own and definitely not in the beit knesset of a regular army base. 

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