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About Us

We are a cooperative of sofrei STAM (scribes) and certified proofreaders, army veterans and graduates of Jewish religious institutions, Our base is in Hispin and we  have A branch in Jerusalem  
Our only profession is meticulously sanctified enscription. 
We write, purchase and sell: sifrei Torah (scrolls), tefillin, mezuzot megillot Esther (scrolls), Haftorah books, and  related products, to individuals and institutions.

We have been in business for over ten years and our products can be found throughout Israel as well as abroad.

R’ Betzalel Ehrlich, the group leader, is a sofer STAM and a certified proofreader (a graduate of Merkaz Harav Kook Yeshivah and Ha'Idrah Kollel, directd by Rav Shlomo Goren).
We are not vendors who searched for a viable product.  We are craftsmen, selling the fruit of our labor directly to the person who commissions it, a “Factory Outlet”.

 STAM writing is not an industry.  It requires certain attributes, such as: sanctity, dedication, knowledge, etc.
You can turn to us for advice.

Here you will find much more than just a sofer STAM.  We offer empathy, expertise, personal service and courtesy.  We would be happy to personally advise you .

 Copyrights :

We have invested much time and effort  into creating this site. 
It is forbidden to use  any part of this site commercially.

Parts of this site may be reprinted for study purposes only and with a reference to our site 

Our rights are protected by law.


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