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Order Info

We appreciate your interest. 

Please complete the form to place your order.
To contact us, 

You will receive your merchandise within a few days (up to 14 days if  it  is not in stock).

Delivery: by messenger to your home.

Payment:1. by credit card (excluding Diners Club). For your security, we will contact you by phone for credit card details and to review order specs 

.2.security payment by Pay Pal.we`ll send you by E mail the link for paying by Pay Pal

3.so you can call us by phone,giving the items of your creditcard for a "telephonic acquisition.

Shipping and handling charges  NIS 40, package in Israel will be added to the total cost.

Free shipping in Israel on purchases of more that NIS 2,500.

Order cancellation: You may return your order up to 14 days after receipt  along with the original invoice and you will receive a full refund excluding postage and handling charges, if any.  Without the original invoice- we cannot reimburse you.  Merchandise will be refunded only if unused and in its original packaging (depending on the merchandise).

Guarantee: We market only merchandise that has undergone inspection and proofreading.

If, G-d forbid, there is a mistake, such as: missing or extraneous letters, and/ or an incorrect or switched letters- we will replace the defective merchandise, at no charge, upon receipt of  the original invoice. OR for tefillin- upon receipt of a photocopy of the computer printout attached to the tefillin. We recommend that you alert us before mailing. 
.Despite  the above, there are borderline situations, when there is a question about the kashrut (suitability) of a specific letter, where one proofreader will approve and one will invalidate either after deliberation or by a “baby question”. In this case the final decision is made by our posek (halachic authority)  Rav A. D. Auerbach, Chief Judge of the Rabbinical Court in Tiberias. Your order will be accepted only if you accept this stipulation. 
Our guarantee does not include defects resulting from wear or exposure to the elements.

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